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Gender Training

Read "Going In" - a course that will give young men the opportunity to express themselves through the creative arts; discuss important issues with their peers and explore questions of gender and identity which might not arise often in their own lives.

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Non-violent Schools

Read 'Get Us Involved - Learners engaged in building non-violent schools'. Report on the Pupils Advisory Forums On Violence project (PAFOV) 2015-2016.

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Listen to Avril Knott-Craig being interviewed on Voice of the Cape on 23 August 2009

(radio interview) ... Click here

Listen to Avril Knott-Craig being interviewed on SAFM on 11 January 2010

(radio interview) ... Click here

Listen to Avril Knott-Craig being interviewed on Bush Radio on 17 January 2012

(radio interview) ... Click here

Read ‘The 80/20 Discipline Rule’ – practical ideas for dealing with discipline in South African schools ... Click here

Sample lesson for ‘The 80/20 Discipline Rule’ - PowerPoint Presentation on Atoms ...
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Read 'my bully my bra' - a resource book for students, parents and teachers on how to deal with bullying at school ... Click here

Look at the anti-bullying posters created by students at the camp in 2011 ... Click here

Consult the 'Anti-Bullying Toolkit' for activities in an anti-bullying week at school ... Click here

Read 'Peace Buddies in action' – a resource for teachers to embed non- violence in the curriculum and across subjects ... Click here

Read 'Shelter from the Storm' – stories from the Quaker Peace Centre ... Click here


Listen to 'Cracking the Hard Nut' - an audio documentary that tackles hard questions about overcoming racial prejudice at school ... Click here

Listen to 'Carmen and Thando' - the first in an audio drama series whose two young characters must overcome their own and others' racial prejudice when they become involved ... Click here

Listen to 'The Further Adventures of Carmen and Thando' – the second in the audio drama series where xenophobia and corruption must be tackled head on ... Click here

Listen to 'To Be A Man' - the third in the audio drama series where Thando is forced to confront what it might mean to be a man in a fast-changing world ... Click here

Young Women in Leadership

Read a report on the Leadership Camp... Click here


Icebreakers and Games for Educators and Trainers... Click here


Resilience to Violence Campaign

Resilience is the ability to adapt positively to adversity.

Non-Violent Parenting Campaign

Work with young parents and parents of teenagers is very popular.

Read about the Needs that exist in our communities.





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