• Progress with the Hub
    The hub opened on 2 April 2018 fully staffed. Data for the databases is being collected partly by websearch and partly by going out and meeting people face to face. These include all elements of the community leadership where the idea of a hub has been warmly welcomed. Career guidance is very important to the High Schools. The hub is preparing for events involving several schools in late July/early august which suits the school calendar. Khayelitsha has 20 High Schools – more than a startup hub can cope with at once.


  • Other training through the Hub
    Material used by QPC and RAPCAN in the past for schools is currently being adapted
    Similarly a course in Constitutional Literacy is being adapted from material supplied by our associated NGO Accountability Now.


  • Projects 3 | Changing the Law
    Carol Bower, the Interim Director, has already appeared in the Court under her own name and QPC has made submissions on the effect on violence following the increase in VAT.


  • Project 4 | Advocacy
    First legal steps have been taken but QPC recognises that progress will be very slow as there will be massive resistance to

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Newsletter June 2018